Beautiful family and friends, we are very happy to include you all in on our beautiful wedding coming up in October. How wonderful is it to be planning our very own wedding? Its just absolutely breathtaking for both of us. We are on the pursuit of happiness for sure... We would like to let everyone know a little about our wedding events coming forth..... 

  • - DOUBLE - Bridal Shower - Friday, July 3rd to be planned futher by my maid of honor. 
  • Wedding - October 17th 
  • HoneyMoon - October 18th - 24th

Funded Registry: We decided to ask all of our family and friends to help us fund something exciting... a surprise! As well as help us prepare to restore our home... We will be using the raised funds of our registry to lay the foundation to the first years of our marriage. We our planning a cruise for the honeymoon and we will pay out of pocket for it...

We are also planning to remodel our home as we both came from having nothing and literally dumpster digging to create a home for ourselves. Our first experiences of adult hood rested on struggle but giving back to our community helped us a lot in order to actually create a nice home enviroment as well as a home child care to support low income families in need for trusting child care. We have made it thus far and ask that our beautiful supportive loves, give back where we need it most ... Love you all so much! Check out our REGISTRY to get thr surprise and understand where your money will be going!!! 

PS: SIGN the GUESTBOOK so we can add you to the ACTUAL guest list and we would love to send you a tangible invite via mail so include your contact information as well as your address!!!

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